Attract good tenants with an easy-care garden

Renting out your property is a very different prospect to selling it, and there are certain things you can and should do which will vastly improve your chances of attracting the right kind of tenant. Here’s some great advice from Canopy Tree Care who are Aborists in Hamilton.

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While a beautifully manicured, elaborate back garden may increase your house value on

low maintenance

Your goal as a landlord is to provide tenants with a low maintenance back yard which they can enjoy

the selling market, it may ironically end up devaluing the property to prospective tenants.

This does not mean you must pave over your entire lawn, but there are certain things you can do to decrease the effort the garden requires to maintain, whilst still preserving an attractive outdoor space.

As a rule of thumb, a lawn spacious enough for a family to run around and kick a football on, perhaps with enough room for a tramp at the side, is big enough. This is especially true if you are expecting the tenants to do the lawn mowing. Many will take one look at a huge lawn and quickly rack up the hours of work it will cost them in their heads. Even if you plan on contracting out the lawn mowing to a landscaper, a smaller lawn will keep your costs down. Excess lawn area can be converted to a deck, paved area or easy-care flower beds – all of which are attractive features to the average tenant.

Flower beds should be kept simple and easy to maintain, with a scattering of colourful blooms dotted amongst hardy, year round perennials. Evergreen trees will be a more appealing prospect to tenants, who will be thankful to avoid spending the weekends of autumn raking up leaves.

Some trees are more difficult to maintain than others. Some consideration while planting can make a big difference. Trees that are planted too close to sewer lines, guttering or pools can cause (sometimes significant) extra expense and unnecessary maintenance issues. If in doubt, consult with a qualified arborist. Remember that landlords are responsible for maintaining all trees and hedges not the tenants!

Although it may feel counter intuitive to remove or replace well-cared-for and aesthetically pleasing elements of your garden, your goal as a landlord is to provide tenants with a low maintenance back yard which they can enjoy and keep on top of without expending a great amount of time, energy or money.

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